At TCS, we believe we have a team so wide-ranging in skills and experience, from training to recruitment, from health and safety to business development, from reputation management to community engagement, that no other consultancy can match. Our services include:

  • Mock CQC and Ofsted inspections *
  • Regulation 44 Inspections
  • Specialist Independent Reviews for secure mental health services
  • PICU – post incident investigations & near miss investigations *
  • Operational and strategic reviews, including Q & C and H & S audits *
  • Interim management *
  • Operational support, including one-off and longer term projects
  • Training (see separate section) *
  • Crisis Management *
  • PR, crisis media management and public affairs (see separate section) *
  • Operational and strategic HR work *
  • Recruitment – providing clients with high calibre and permanent staff *
  • Building and conducting bespoke new staff inductions*
  • Writing new policies and procedures*
  • Assistance in preparing business plans *
  • Helping to implement expansion programmes *
  • Working as part of a specialist commercial due diligence team to assess the quality of acquisitions *


* Relates to Children and Adult Services