CQC to get tough on careless providers - Transforming Care Services

The Care Quality Commission has warned providers that it will not tolerate careless or slip-shod practices when it comes to providing care for elderly or vulnerable people.

The number of care homes being hit with ‘requiring improvement’ or ‘inadequate’ judgements is rising fast and in some worst-case scenarios this has led to immediate closure.

Stories of providers going bust as a result of their sub-standard approach to policies, training, staff levels etc are becoming an everyday fact of life in this sector.


Forward thinking providers are using our unique and extensive range of services to make sure they don’t fall into this trap.

They don’t want a negative inspection. They certainly don’t want to be in the Press as ‘requiring improvement’. In fact, they don’t want anything but to be GOOD, even OUTSTANDING, and with our help that’s what they aim to achieve.

So when the CQC team comes knocking on your door, be prepared, be compliant.

Working with TRANSFORMING CARE SERVICES will not only help you to deliver better care but it will help you to protect your revenue, your profitability, your business future.